Startup Live Linz #2 Blockchain @ Factory300, Linz [vom 29. September bis 1. Oktober]

Startup Live Linz #2 Blockchain

- 1.
15:00 - 22:00

Peter-Behrens-Platz 10, 4020 Linz
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💡 All of the awesomeness of a Startup Live Event combined with all the mystery and possibilities of Blockchain Technology! What a perfect Match 🖤

Blockchain Edition means we will be focusing on ideas that utilize the power and potential of blockchain technology, designed to solve real-life problems. Blockchain technology gives us an opportunity to re-imagine how we move, transact, share, and track goods and services. Some argue that blockchain technology is like the next internet. 😲

🤓 Don't miss this opportunity to get in on a new pioneering technology, early in the game!

Entrepreneurs at heart can click here directly:

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1. Get out of your comfort zone & join the event! — No matter if a founder yourself, business guy, marketing guru, design enthusiast or programmer, you'll make an impact
2. Meet inspiring people from various backgrounds in an unique atmosphere
3. Pitch your business idea or get inspired and form a team
4. Work on your business idea with proven working documents
4. Receive top-notch mentoring from serial entrepreneurs & industry experts
5. Get a professional pitch training and prepare your slides
6. Pitch our investors + media jury and 100+ startup enthusiasts and win awesome prizes
7. Become part of our global Alumni network and enjoy all our benefits


YES, if you are:
◊ an ENTREPRENEUR with a first business idea, looking for co-founders or expert feedback,
◊ a TALENT, skilled in a specific field (Biz, Marketing, Design, IT etc) interested in joining and supporting an idea (at least for the weekend)
◊ a STARTUP, looking for expert feedback or aiming for publicity & investors contacts
◊ an ENTHUSIAST, interested in the startup scene, focusing on getting in contact with like-minded people, mentors & experts
◊ a STUDENT, interested in Entrepreneurship and aiming to gain some hands-on experience
◊ a CORPORATE employee, willing to explore the startup world
◊ actually CLUELESS, but Startup Live sounds too tempting and you want to be part!


«The best invested 50 € of my life» — Roland Grösslich, viRaCube (Alumni, SULVIE #12)

«Startup Live Events are the best place to scout up- and coming startups» — Nina Wöss, Speedinvest (Jury, SULVIE #13)

«We definitely profited from the input of experienced company founders and thus I can highly recommend Startup Live.» — Florian Gschwandter, Runtastic (Alumni, 2010)


1. Become part of your local startup scene
2. Meet top-notch mentors & industry experts
3. Learn the 101 of starting a business
4. Mingle with investors + media representatives
5. Get professional pitch training
6. Receive proven working documents helping you defining your business model
7. Win awesome prizes
8. 2-day catering, a loooot of Red Bull & caffeine
9. Have an intensive but enlightening experience & F-U-N
10. we could go on and on… but better find out yourself!


Whether you are interested in the blockchain or not, the ultimate objective of the event is to empower you with a powerful process for taking any idea, blockchain-related or not, from concept to business!

If you have an idea for blockchain startup, then great! We want to see you pitching. If you don't have an idea, that's alright as well! Come and spend the weekend, listen to the ideas being pitched, and see if something strikes your interest! The weekend is all about learning about startups and learning from each other. If you have more questions, drop us a message!

××× KEY FACTS ×××

WHEN: 29/09/ — 01/10/2017
WHERE: factory300, Peter-Behrens-Platz 10, 4020 Linz
LANGUAGE: English (within teams the language-choice is up to them)
TOPIC: this time we focus on blockchain-startups
For further information: or contact us via Facebook or mail at [email protected]


The right people at the right moment can make or a break a startup!

Our vision is to create a global community of entrepreneurial minds and startup influencers to support each other and grow together. No matter if high-profile team members, potential investors, experienced mentors or relevant media representatives: Our Startup Live events always make sure you’ll meet the right people.

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PPS: You feel you can contribute to the success with your know-how? Apply as a mentor here -->

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PPPS: In case you need a hotel during your stay in Linz, please book directly at the Arcotel Nike Linz with code «Startup Live»
contact: 0732 7626-0 or [email protected]
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