Drum&Bass vs. Jungle w// MikkiM (Praque/CZ) @ Club Spielplatz, Linz [27. April]

Drum&Bass vs. Jungle w// MikkiM (Praque/CZ)

22:00 - 06:00

Club Spielplatz
Hauptstraße 4, 4040 Linz
Die Plattenkoffer sind geladen, die Sets zusammengestellt.
Austragungsort dieser Zusammenkunft ist natürlich der
Club Spielplatz.
💪 Lasset die Spiele beginnen 💪

🌴 MikkiM ( Prag, CZ )
🌴 -racktacktek- (Jungle Attack Crew)
🌴 Ruff Tuff ( DJ Set )
🌴 Winx FX — (Vinyl Set / Botanika Sound )

🌴 more Info — coming soon :)!


Artist Info:
🌴 MikkiM
producer, musician and DJ is a true pioneer in linking a great range of musical styles. His energetic music and uncompromising pumping dj sets are making people crazy all around the world. As a producer, he has already released four long-play albums, numerous vinyls and digital singles. For his second LP “Offbeat Rhapsody”, partly recorded in Jamaica, he was awarded the “Album of the year” with Czech Grammy prize in popular music awards. Following the soaring success of this album, he became the first Czech DJ to be invited to play at the world famous Glastonbury festival.
It’s primarily because of the range of MikkiM’s own production that he can play at a party of literally any style – he can play sets full of skanking bass music, jungle and drum’n’bass aswell as raggatek, jungletek and tribe tekno. The style that he ll play depends on a a type of party, but i ll tell you one thing — with inviting MikkiM you cant go wrong! Famous UK based label Amen4Tekno is where you gonna find most of his current raggatek production. His side project «Boby Hukot» is also specializing on electroswing and balkan dance music.
Starring every year at major European festivals, like Glastonbury or Boomtown he has also headlined parties for crowds in the Americas (Burning Man). On his records and live shows he often collaborates with worldwide known artists including many legendary names from the music scene. His tracks were also remixed by the names like Dreadzone,Vandal,Dubmatix and Rico Tubbs, to name few. He is also connected with a unique underground place, the famous Cross Club in Prague. Being one of the initial members, his studio and base of his label Big Bong Records is located couple floors above the club. At June 2017 was released his 4th studio album «21st Century Rude Boy.»


EINTRITT ( ab 18 Jahren )
Bis 23.00 Uhr // 10€
Nach 23.00 Uhr // 12€
Gruppen ab 5 Personen // 10€
Geburtstagskinder haben wie immer GRATIS Eintritt
und Begleitungen 10€ pro Person.
( Gültig für die jeweilige Kalenderwoche )

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